We are non-sectarian and respect that not everyone has the same philosophy. Our mantra is “Plan ahead. Let your loved ones know your wishes and have meaningful discussions with them.” We believe end-of-life planning eases the burden on your family. They won’t be forced to guess what was wanted and then have to make the arrangements while they are grieving or with time pressures. Decisions in advance, before a crisis arises, can head off arguments that can occur among your loved ones. Advance planning can aso save money, although we do not advocate pre-paying of funeral expenses as your situation may change over time. The sooner you do early planning, the better.

lit-candles-in-heart-shape--romantic-candle-light--photos-91519Funeral Consumers Alliance began in the 1930’s as a result of the depression and the increasing cost of funerals due to embalming and more elaborate caskets. Currently there is a movement for simple green burials and home services which are perfectly legal. We inform our members of current trends in end-of-life issues and donations of organ or whole body.