Bereavement and Hope

Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope A Read Aloud Story for People of All Ages Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope: A Read Aloud Story for People of All Ages by Donna O’Toole, illus. by Kore Loy McWhirter (1989) Aarvy has lost his family and is filled with despair and hopelessness until a true friend helps him learn about the strengths within himself. [NHCPL]

Aunt Mary’s Rose

Aunt Mary’s Rose by Douglas Wood, illus. by LeUyen Pham (2010) A heartwarming, true story of a family linked through time by the tending of a beloved rosebush. [NHCPL]

Badger’s Parting Gifts

Badger’s Parting Gifts by Susan Varley (1997) Badger’s friends are sad when he dies but treasure the memories he left them.

Children Facing Grief


Children Facing Grief by Janie Romond (1989) Letters from bereaved brothers and sisters telling of their experiences and offering hope.

 Gentle Willow A Story for Children About DyingGentle Willow: A Story for Children About Dying by Joyce C. Mills, illus. by Cary Pillo (2004) Amanda the squirrel is upset that she is going to lose her friend Gentle Willow, but the tree wizards give advice that helps both her and Gentle Willow accept the change that comes with death. [NHCPL]

Grandpa’s Soup

Grandpa’s Soup by Eiko Kadono (1999) After the death of his wife, an old man gradually realizes that making the soup she used to cook and sharing it with friends eases his loneliness. [NHCPL]

 Lost & Found A Kid’s Book for Living Through Loss

Lost & Found: A Kid’s Book for Living Through Loss by Marc Gellman and Monsignor Thomas Hartman (1999) This heartening book reminds us of the many ways that we can keep hope alive. Compassionate, practical, and non-denominational. [NHCPL]

 Precious Gifts Katie Coolican’s Story, Barclay and Eve Explain About Organ and Tissue Donation

Precious Gifts: Katie Coolican’s Story, Barclay and Eve Explain About Organ and Tissue Donation by Karen Carney (1999) Based on the true story of six year old Katie Coolican, this sensitively written and illustrated book will help children and adults understand the process of organ and tissue donation.

 Up in Heaven

Up in Heaven by Emma Chichester Clark (2004) A tender and hopeful story that will comfort children who have lost a pet or someone close to them. [NHCPL]

 What is Goodbye

What is Goodbye? By Nikki Grimes, illus. by Raul Colon (2004) Through the alternating voices of a brother and sister, Nikki Grimes eloquently portrays the grieving process in this gem of a book that is honest, powerful, and ultimately hopeful. [NHCPL]



*** Books I personally think are exceptional either in content or readability or both. Worth buying.

This bibliography was prepared by Rebecca Taylor, Funeral Consumers Alliance – Costal Carolina. Notation of “NHCPL” means the New Hanover County Public Library.

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