Funeral Consumers Alliance Coastal Carolina       Senior Center

2017 Annual Meeting – Thursday May 18, 1:30 pm

New Hanover County Senior Center,

2222 South College Rd., Wilmington, NC

There’s no program this year, but we hope you’ll join us for our election of board members for the 2017-2018 year. It will also be a great time to meet our active members and provide input into the goals and future projects of the chapter. We honestly do want to hear from you about how we can build a stronger visibility in the community.

Nominated Officers and Board Members

for 2017-2018

President: Rebecca Taylor

Vice President: Delyn Fritz

Secretary: Lois Taylor

Treasurer: Don Snook

At Large Board Members: Shirley Hart Berry,

Jane Dugan, Paula Grubbs


 Our board traditionally has had 11 – 12 members so we need another 3-5 members to fill out the roster. Please consider joining us! Being a board member doesn’t take a lot of time, you are just committing to attending 6 board meetings (every other month) that last about an hour and are held at the Senior Resource Center on the third Thursday of alternating months.  If you are interested please e-mail to BecTreks@aol.com or call Rebecca Taylor at 910-763-7149 or just come to the meeting and volunteer.


Please Note: FCA Coastal Carolina is a small educational and consumer advocacy non-profit. We do not have funds for individual’s funerals.

 For More Information Call: Rebecca Taylor, 910-763+7149